Over 50 Years of Combined Board, Executive, and Front-Line, Hands-on Experience....


Deborah A. Castellani, CFA

Ms. Castellani is a Principal and Senior Strategist with OTB Strategic Consulting, Inc. Prior to coming to OTB, she worked her way up the ladder and into management positions including Chief Operating Officer, Sales/Marketing/Business Development Director, Senior Portfolio Manager/Analyst, and Sr. Compliance Officer. Ms. Castellani was instrumental in the creation and successful growth of a $1.8 billion investment and mutual fund company.

Ms. Castellani’s understand business not only from a day to day perspective, but also as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the premier global investment designation. She also has her bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from Chapman University. Read more in my LinkedIn profile.

William C. Conrad, JD

Mr. Conrad is a Principal and Senior Strategist with OTB Strategic Consulting, Inc. and has extensive experience in P&L management, operations, financial leadership and strategic planning. He has developed corporate strategies and carried out the execution that has guided companies through rapid-growth from local to national recognition.

He learned his "lead by example" leadership from the Marine Corps, with hands-on experience in direct sales, product development, CRM strategies, and the interrelationship between the strategies and the operations.

He has successfully increased assets to $1.8 Billion in one Company and $2.2 Billion in the other Company. His line budget responsibilities have been in excess of $75 Million. He has twelve years of entrepreneurial experience as a President/CEO with ten years of foundation experience as a Senior Line Manager accountable for all aspects of directing and guiding a corporate entity. He holds a JD and BS Degree in Economics/Business. Read more in my LinkedIn profile.

Why OTB?

Our managerial experience coupled with our compliance, marketing and analytical experience in the investment, financial and other industries allows us to see companies as more than pieces. We look at the firm as a whole – bumper to bumper.

Compliance and governance is more than just regulatory - when implemented correctly it can streamline an organization, increase profits and decrease financial, personal and business risk.

We have prepared for and created compliance system that have been involved in regulatory examinations which have had "successful" outcomes. Looking at compliance and governance without looking at the entire firm can be costly and lead to inefficiencies amongst areas. The principals at OTB have experience running successful and compliant businesses in highly regulated businesses and creating considerable profits along the way.

Many plan sponsors don’t realize that your retirement plan is an “investment company” inside your company. The principals have been fiduciaries continuously for more than 50 years.

In addition we have implemented sound growth strategies, market development initiatives, regulatory policies and procedures and implemented organization transformation. Our clients have included Fortune 500 businesses and sole proprietors, Pension Plans and Defined Contribution Plans, individuals and multi-national corporations, profitable and “not so profitable” companies, established companies and start-ups.