Plan Sponsor Services

Helping reduce fiduciary risk to Boards, retirement plans, and other fiduciaries or to service providers who work with fiduciaries. Reducing risk is only part of the story, we help un-complicate and streamline processes and educate fiduciaries which increases profits so the fiduciaries can concentrate on growing their companies.


Helping to Manage Your Risk

  1. Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plan Set Up and Compliance
  2. Fiduciary Oversight
  3. Fiduciary Education in Conjunction with Akros Fiduciary Management
  4. Compliance Assessments including The FIRE System, an E-Compliance Tool For 401(k) Plans
  5. Governance Support
  6. RFP/Provider Search, Review and/or Oversight

Plan Sponsors Are the "Ultimate" Fiduciary


ERISA attorneys check plan documents. CPAs audit 5500 financials.


This leaves all of the other operational aspects of the plan up to you to oversee and monitor with no outside checks and audits.


ERISA is very clear, the plan fiduciary is ultimately responsible for everything that happens or does not happen in your plan.


We help you to identify critical areas of fiduciary and plan non-compliance quickly and easily. Almost immediately, Plan Sponsors can begin addressing issues and avoid thousands of dollars in fines, downtime, legal fees, loss of employee loyalty and even personal liability.


Contact us for to find out how you can lower your fiduciary risk, un-complicate and streamline processes and educate fiduciaries.